• Schedule meeting dates and times, and prepare minutes written and audio
  • Schedule annual homeowners meeting, prepare director nomination forms, and manage election process
  • Obtain contractors for repairs and maintenance, and when required obtain sealed bids
  • Manage the landscaping process of the common areas
  • Walk the property at such times as may be directed by the board and provide recommendations to the board regarding the property


  • Manage reserve study updates and filings
  • Maintain insurance policies and obtain periodic comparison bids
  • Obtain vendor contract renewals for next year’s budget
  • Maintain all records and storage of prior years records
  • Create rules and regulations and/or collection policy if needed
  • Coordinate the receipt of architectural and landscape requests
  • Submit required filings to the Nevada Real Estate Division, Ombudsman, and Secretary of State


  • Bill and collect assessments
  • Prepare a monthly board package with financial statements and support schedules which includes a monthly report on the financial and physical condition of the association, as well as notable items
  • Prepare the annual budget
  • Manage the process to prepare tax returns and audits
  • Manage collection of delinquent assessments
  • Manage banking relationships, including investment of funds in FDIC insured accounts


  • Prepare letters for violations of the CC&Rs / Rules & Regulations and hold hearings for non-compliance